Snow Services

We’ve got you covered all winter long.

Why is Central Mass Landscapes New England’s best choice for commercial snow and ice management? One reason, snow IS our business. We spend 365 days a year focusing solely on our snow removal program. We review contracts, make new site plans, hire year round, attend industry meetings and expos, and hone in on how we can improve our services for our customers. Our fleet includes a mix of late model and veteran equipment which allows us to be ready at a moments notice no matter the condition.

We maintain a 20% equipment and labor reserve, this means that at any given time during a snow event, 20% of our machinery, trucks, and labor are waiting on standby to be dispatched, in case of emergency or a break down. We currently have specialty equipment specifically designed for snow including walk behind skidsteers for tough sidewalks, rubber tired wheel dozers with 20+ foot plows for large sites, all the way up to 35+ ton loaders with 5+ cubic yard buckets for snow removal. We are one of the only snow companies in the area who maintains such a variety of tools in our arsenal.

Our equipment is not our only benefit. All of our employees are trained and retrained before the season on proper use of machinery, material usage, site specifics, and company protocol. In our first consultation we may discuss the different site specific needs that we should be aware of, we will then discuss different machinery and material needs as well as any other concerns you have. We currently handle snow services for banks, churches, schools, federal buildings, offices, industrial parks, medical buildings, etc. and they each have their own specific needs and budgets. Let us custom tailor a snow and ice management package for you today and take the headache out of mother nature.

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